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CaptureI definitely haven’t made a lot of time for my sketches. Which means not a lot of posts for me to make. This one was done randomly on the subway inspired by an old man I saw. I love the images that your mind can create without even realizing it.

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What does it mean to be ‘old’? It means that you, as an older person was born in a different generation as the younger and more ‘new’ generation. That’s it.  It means, you have lived for a long time and should be proud of that, never ashamed.

It does not mean, that you are weak or crippled. It especially does it mean, that you should be treated without respect. I think, to reach that stage in life is a wonderful thing. You have lived your whole life, or a great portion of it, with wonderful journeys and experiences along the way. I can only imagine the stories you have to share and to tell.

Joanne Seto

Honestly, I think to be told from an elder that ‘everything is going to be okay’ and ‘you’ll do just fine.’ Is a beautiful gift, one that you cant buy with cash.

Joanne Seto

 Regardless of what age you are at right now i’m sure many of you have stories to tell your friends and family. Whether you are a teen, a young adult or an adult you’ll develop stories along the way of So imagine all of the stories that your elders have bottled up inside of them. Think about how wonderful it would be for them to be able to share their stories to the younger kids and let them know that everything will be okay.

Joanne Seto

So don’t feel old simply because somebody is young. I just hope to spread that it’s not a shameful thing to ‘be old’. You are wise, you have a story. Tell those who are following the same path to not make the same mistakes. Guide them, teach them, let them know that everything is going to be okay.

[Subway sketches with black ball point pen]

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Own world

I always thought the face we make when we sleep is the most peaceful. Dreaming away in another universe, visiting lost friends, loved ones and having an adventure of your own all in your one mind.  It’s when we’re truly relaxed and ourselves.

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I was in Mont the other day, sort of. Was running errands so didn’t really ‘see’ Montreal for real, mont..real. Haha! Not funny. Anyway, I was only there for a short while and i’ll def be going back soon. We drove there from Toronto so I mostly saw highways and very angry drivers..I also didn’t have a lot of choices to draw of since most of it drove by too quickly.

Here’s a signal light, oo ahhh

A stop sign

I was so bored in the car that I whipped out my sketch book and doodled this highway as we passed by it

Here’s one place we did stop at to pick something up. It’s called the orange julep, their orange juice wasn’t all that amazing..and tasted kind of like watered down ice cream but it was fun none the less. I didn’t have much heart into this drawing but it was a neat place!

Here’s a quick photo i snapped

So that’s it for now, ill update a few subway sketches in a few so stay tuned!

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