Images in my head

CaptureI definitely haven’t made a lot of time for my sketches. Which means not a lot of posts for me to make. This one was done randomly on the subway inspired by an old man I saw. I love the images that your mind can create without even realizing it.

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High skies

Joanne Seto Eye

I tried to stay away from fine details as I was riding the waves on this bus ride home. A young kid appeared in my vision and stared at my drawing. I find that whenever kids watch me draw; they don’t try to hide it. Instead they’ll hover over me with large beady eyes. As the kid approached my view, I started to draw a eyeball creature in hopes he liked it.

I’ve always found eyeball characters very innocent and harmless. There’s just something about the character it rubs off on me. It may as well be one of those things someone else might find disgusting and creepy, but at the end of the day we should give everyone a chance, creepy or not. I had a kick reminder today that we should not write other people’s future in our minds and assume things about them. We don’t know what this individual is going through or what their potential is unless we test it.

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Stranger days

Haven’t been drawing as much as I thought I would since I have 2 hour subway trips to work now..I guess I was too caught up with my novels. Now that those are over; i’m bringing my sketch book around with me more often.

I was having trouble getting back into staring at strangers and trying not to glare at them without being so obvious. It’s always a challenge when you want to examine their features and are unsure of how much time you have. The only parts I was able to draw of this man was a quick gesture of his facial shape and hat..the other details and shading are either made up with exaggeration or from memory.

The wire attached to the back of his head is to show his disconnection to reality. Perhaps it was the attitude he gave that rubbed off on me. Either way this drawing felt good because 90% of it was out of mind. Just needed that foundation and idea.

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto


It’s always a mystery of how much time you have to draw somebody before they reach their subway stop. Sometimes, i’ll start a great drawing and they’ll stand up and walk off. In this case, I started drawing this man and it went great. I took my time and really tried to get his proportions right until, I looked up and he walked on off. I looked down at my drawing, an outline of his hat and  face. I shut my book and didn’t look back at it.

Later on my way home I was skimming through my sketch book and saw this one. I decided to finish it with what I remember him looking like. And it turned out okay, I think..Although he might look completely different from what I drew him as. But I guess that’s the whole process of art, looking at things differently.

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Opposites Attract

I brought my sketch book on my way to school today and did some subway sketching. I only had my pen with me so my choices for utensils were limited. Not that i’m complaining, I love ink!

My hands were itching to sketch someone interesting and right away I saw this old man practically hugging his bag probably thinking “Don’t touch me, this is my bubble!” So I sat in front of him. I realized he smelt like urine, so I moved my seat but still sat relatively close by. The train started and I began sketching away.  I was deep into my drawing when this over sized man got onto the train and sat beside the old man. This man was big. He took up a seat and a half and was eating chocolate.  Have you ever heard of the saying ‘opposites attract?’ That’s how I felt today when I saw the two beside each other. I think I was the only one on the train who was amazed by how much character these two everyday people had.

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