Here’s a caricature of a stranger I did today. He was quite the distance away so I couldn’t see the fine details but I was quite happy with how it turned out! I don’t often do cartoon style in my drawings as it shows in my previous posts but, I felt this man had a good character to build off of. I decided to give him the drawing when I finished, I haven’t done this before so my hand was shaking from the thought of it (hence the blurry photo) But I knew it would hopefully make someone’s day happy.


I sat down beside him and said ‘Hi, I drew you. Can I take a photo?’ Haha but he was very at ease with it and seemed quite happy that he could keep the drawing so that’s good. My stop was coming up, so Bill and I had a quick friendly conversation.

Sometimes, seeing someone else’s smile will just make your day.

Copyright © 2013 by Joanne Seto

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I had mustered up this Venom drawing in time for Toronto’s Comicon. Ever since childhood, he’s been my favorite marvel character, so I couldn’t think of anybody better to draw than him.


Quite a lot has happened this path month. I joined an amazing group of artists called Spent Pencils (ill provide the link bellow to the facebook page). I had previously already met a few of the very talented members including of course, my boss, who was the one that offered me to join. It was a very warm and heart felt welcoming that I was so happy to be apart of. Everybody was extremely nice and welcoming. I love that everybody in the group is very passionate for art and well..just very down to earth with no cocky attitudes.  Just bunch of people who have a passion for art.


It was my first time behind the table and it was an awesome experience! To see people looking at my drawings and buying prints of them was an amazing feeling. The venom prints sold out and a few of my designs were bought as well. At the time, I was happier to see people picking up the drawing and smiling at it more so than the money. It was a great first experience and i’m looking forward to FanExpo, which ill be prepared for this time!

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Ocean Road


As the subway ride home was coming to and end, I placed my sketch book in my bag. During this drawing I ran into many ‘I shouldn’t have made that line’ or ‘I could have done it better this way but now it’s too late’. But, sometimes we have no choice but to accept our mistakes and learn from them.  As I sat there waiting for my stop I started to think about how drawing in pen is connected to how we approach life.

You have one tool, your pen. If you make a line you cannot go back but, instead move forward with it. Sometime’s we’ll over think the process and put too many lines without thinking. If we stop and we ponder upon our mistake and get frustrated we wont move forward. Sometimes we can fix them and sometimes we can’t.

I’m sitting on the bus. I open up the drawing and look at it one more time. I thought I was being too critical at the little mistakes, that I had forgotten to move back from it and look at it as a whole. Sometime it’s okay to make mistakes. However, we must remember that there’s no point in being frustrated with it. We must take it as a lesson and learn from it. That’s not to say that I wont ever make the same mistake but merely a self discipline in moving on and trying harder next time. There’s no room for dancing around childish emotions.

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Fly me to the moon

JoanneSetoEarly December an old friend of mine messaged me up asking if I could do a sketch in pencil of a plane for her bf’s father. It was her Christmas gift idea for him, apparently the man loves them and even has a Cessna 172. So this drawing was based off various photos I found online. Her idea was to frame the sketch for him which I thought was an amazing idea as a gift.

I was hesitant at first, since at the time I was bombarded at the studio and the gym not to mention my travel time home. Not only that but, it was also a pencil drawing. Most of you who keep updated on my drawings might have noticed I haven’t posted a pencil drawing in forever and that’s because I simply haven’t picked it up since getting comfortable with pen. You could say I was doubtful on myself for perhaps being rusty. I just didn’t want the man to receive a horrible attempt at my plane drawing.

So, that night I decided i’ll try it out and see where it goes. I sat there with my pencil in hand and a 11×14 bristle board paper in front of me ready to go. I drew a few rough boxes and when the details started to come everything started to flow. The way the pencil tilts while I shade in dark areas, being able to erase my mistakes and the freedom of it all.

This is a photo she sent me a few days after Christmas of the man himself with his adorable dog and the framed sketch. She told me he loved it! Which of course couldn’t make me happier.


Overall, I can say that it took me a while to get into it, more in the beginning than the end of it. But in the short amount of time I had, I think I did a pretty decent job. Of course I can see flaws in the drawing, as all my drawings but, I don’t think one can be perfect. There is always another level you can reach or the goal. It’s not all about getting to your ‘end point’ but the experiences you had from the journey you took that really matters.

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Two, please



Didn’t end up drawing anyone on the subway that day, but as I sat there staring into space an image came to my head and I thought to myself it wouldn’t hurt to pull out the good ol pen. It started out as a circle and a few boxes, but in the end I surprised myself at how precise the image in my head came alive to my paper. I guess the morning dread inspired me to give it more thought and feeling into it.

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

It takes two

Joanne Seto Smile

Here’s another horrific drawing out of my head. I’ll imagine these images and sometimes test my skills in seeing if I can project my vision into a drawing. I haven’t had much luck recently with subway drawings, since I travel during rush hours. I find that whenever I have a chance to draw someone nowadays, I’ll let it pass because somebody will always be blocking my sight.

But I hold not grudge, as most of the time people are too self involved with their devices to notice that i’m drawing them. Perhaps, It’s because I’ve improved my ninja skills within the past year. I’ll tell you this though: the people that are interested in what i’m drawing or notice it right away are usually young kids who always seem to have a curiosity for it. Their innocence allows them to stare without anyone judging them. That gives me a positive aura that’ll inspire me.

It’s said that happiness comes from within and often can be unlocked through another’s smile. A subtle hint of a smile while you breath will make all the difference in the world.

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

High skies

Joanne Seto Eye

I tried to stay away from fine details as I was riding the waves on this bus ride home. A young kid appeared in my vision and stared at my drawing. I find that whenever kids watch me draw; they don’t try to hide it. Instead they’ll hover over me with large beady eyes. As the kid approached my view, I started to draw a eyeball creature in hopes he liked it.

I’ve always found eyeball characters very innocent and harmless. There’s just something about the character it rubs off on me. It may as well be one of those things someone else might find disgusting and creepy, but at the end of the day we should give everyone a chance, creepy or not. I had a kick reminder today that we should not write other people’s future in our minds and assume things about them. We don’t know what this individual is going through or what their potential is unless we test it.

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