BMW Z4M – 3D wip model


I haven’t posted a lot of my 3D work in a very long while so it’s nice to be updating with something new for a change.

I started this a few months ago but never got around to working on it till now. This is about less than a week of a few hours a day or less of work.

I’ve also been screen capturing some work flow videos too but I didn’t think about capturing until most of the base was done. In other words, I don’t have too much on the videos. But I will record whatever is remaining for the model..which is quite a lot.

Still have some cleaning up to do, triangles, edge flow, mesh, etc.

Will be updating more on this model mid May, if not sooner since i’ll be on vacation for a few weeks. Sweet, sweet sunny California here I come!

Copyright © 2013 by Joanne Seto

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Robo hands – Complete (Mechanical Melody)

This is it! My final vfx that i’ve been working up to. Thank you to those who have been following me from the start, I certainly have come a long way from pen on paper. So I don’t have too much to say right now, but that i’m quite happy with the turn out.

Watch in full screen and HD for maximum entertainment

I’ll be creating a breakdown video (which are so much more fun to watch) showing the cg elements and the models much later on

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Robo Hands – WIP

I know its been forever since I updated on my VFX project but that’s because I’ve been working it like a madwoman! Not really, but its been fun. I’ve probably rendered out 10 plus passes because of my keyboards overlapping one another etc etc. I thought i’d just post a screen shot of what the footage currently looks like and what my comp on Nuke looks like. There’s all my different passes and all that fun stuff in the little thumb nail, i’ll post a higher resolution later on and the final video hopefully soon and a break down much later on. Tomorrows the day! Time for some computer mashing

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Dynamics – Rube Goldberg

We were assigned to create our own Rube Goldberg machine using only dynamics in maya. For those who remember the game Mouse Trap that’s exactly what a Rube Goldberg machine looks like. Everything in this video is done with dynamics so there’s no animation. This is a first for me and was a ton of fun. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it!


Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Tara WIP- Joint Placement

Starting on my joint placement for Tara so that I can start rigging her. I still haven’t finalized the complete model, her hair isn’t modeled yet and ill probably have spend a few more hours tweeking her.

May I warn you her head looks very almost robotic at the moment so it might scare some even scares me a bit

Here are some screen shots of what i’m currently working on.

Here’s a view of her back. I have back dimples myself so to me it looks more natural. Just like if I had a ‘outty’ belly button i’m sure it would model it facing out.

Here’s her hand in 1 mode. I tweeked it a bit from my last post but not too, too much. I’ll defiantly have to redo it

Her shoes in 1 mode

So here’s here head. I tried to keep it as low poly as possible and if needed ill add more to it later on


Here she is all together in 3 mode

And finally i’m starting to add her joints in

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Grand Daddy

Working on my grandfather clock model for our short film Le Petite Danseuse. It’s coming out fairly nice! The actual clock will be included in the texture as will the details of the wood etc. These are only screen shots because I didn’t have time to add lighting for it to be rendered out and what not