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CaptureI definitely haven’t made a lot of time for my sketches. Which means not a lot of posts for me to make. This one was done randomly on the subway inspired by an old man I saw. I love the images that your mind can create without even realizing it.

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What does it mean to be ‘old’? It means that you, as an older person was born in a different generation as the younger and more ‘new’ generation. That’s it.  It means, you have lived for a long time and should be proud of that, never ashamed.

It does not mean, that you are weak or crippled. It especially does it mean, that you should be treated without respect. I think, to reach that stage in life is a wonderful thing. You have lived your whole life, or a great portion of it, with wonderful journeys and experiences along the way. I can only imagine the stories you have to share and to tell.

Joanne Seto

Honestly, I think to be told from an elder that ‘everything is going to be okay’ and ‘you’ll do just fine.’ Is a beautiful gift, one that you cant buy with cash.

Joanne Seto

 Regardless of what age you are at right now i’m sure many of you have stories to tell your friends and family. Whether you are a teen, a young adult or an adult you’ll develop stories along the way of So imagine all of the stories that your elders have bottled up inside of them. Think about how wonderful it would be for them to be able to share their stories to the younger kids and let them know that everything will be okay.

Joanne Seto

So don’t feel old simply because somebody is young. I just hope to spread that it’s not a shameful thing to ‘be old’. You are wise, you have a story. Tell those who are following the same path to not make the same mistakes. Guide them, teach them, let them know that everything is going to be okay.

[Subway sketches with black ball point pen]

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Queue the music… QUEUE THE MUSIC!


How I feel when my earphones stop working on one side..

Sitting on the subway on my way to gym and all of a sudden I hear a crackling in the left side of my earphones which only means one’s happening. I adjust it and move it a little and eventually it just was on the point of static every 2 seconds. The thing is, I was only angry because I was already on the way to my training so it’s not that I could go back home and grab my other pair. Not to mention, it’s so hard to workout without your own music and having no choice but to listen to the same 10 songs they play on the radio.

Ah, this is what I get for not having the best quality earphones. But! Having said that I had some fun with my pen drawing this. So in a way I guess I turned this negative into a positive! I break my ear buds but i get this wicked drawing out of it. Walking dead influence is strong on this one.

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Here’s a caricature of a stranger I did today. He was quite the distance away so I couldn’t see the fine details but I was quite happy with how it turned out! I don’t often do cartoon style in my drawings as it shows in my previous posts but, I felt this man had a good character to build off of. I decided to give him the drawing when I finished, I haven’t done this before so my hand was shaking from the thought of it (hence the blurry photo) But I knew it would hopefully make someone’s day happy.


I sat down beside him and said ‘Hi, I drew you. Can I take a photo?’ Haha but he was very at ease with it and seemed quite happy that he could keep the drawing so that’s good. My stop was coming up, so Bill and I had a quick friendly conversation.

Sometimes, seeing someone else’s smile will just make your day.

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I had mustered up this Venom drawing in time for Toronto’s Comicon. Ever since childhood, he’s been my favorite marvel character, so I couldn’t think of anybody better to draw than him.


Quite a lot has happened this path month. I joined an amazing group of artists called Spent Pencils (ill provide the link bellow to the facebook page). I had previously already met a few of the very talented members including of course, my boss, who was the one that offered me to join. It was a very warm and heart felt welcoming that I was so happy to be apart of. Everybody was extremely nice and welcoming. I love that everybody in the group is very passionate for art and well..just very down to earth with no cocky attitudes.  Just bunch of people who have a passion for art.


It was my first time behind the table and it was an awesome experience! To see people looking at my drawings and buying prints of them was an amazing feeling. The venom prints sold out and a few of my designs were bought as well. At the time, I was happier to see people picking up the drawing and smiling at it more so than the money. It was a great first experience and i’m looking forward to FanExpo, which ill be prepared for this time!

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Windy days


There’s always something so enchanting when watching a movie with a beautiful woman and having the camera focus on her. Her moment, her world, just her and the silent thoughts of endless moments in time. What’s more enchanting is the pleasing feeling of recreating that one moment in a drawing. To me, it’s the journey of the drawing rather than the final result of it that really captures my satisfaction and emotions. I only wish, that most of you will have that same experience and journey with what it is you are going through.

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Ocean Road


As the subway ride home was coming to and end, I placed my sketch book in my bag. During this drawing I ran into many ‘I shouldn’t have made that line’ or ‘I could have done it better this way but now it’s too late’. But, sometimes we have no choice but to accept our mistakes and learn from them.  As I sat there waiting for my stop I started to think about how drawing in pen is connected to how we approach life.

You have one tool, your pen. If you make a line you cannot go back but, instead move forward with it. Sometime’s we’ll over think the process and put too many lines without thinking. If we stop and we ponder upon our mistake and get frustrated we wont move forward. Sometimes we can fix them and sometimes we can’t.

I’m sitting on the bus. I open up the drawing and look at it one more time. I thought I was being too critical at the little mistakes, that I had forgotten to move back from it and look at it as a whole. Sometime it’s okay to make mistakes. However, we must remember that there’s no point in being frustrated with it. We must take it as a lesson and learn from it. That’s not to say that I wont ever make the same mistake but merely a self discipline in moving on and trying harder next time. There’s no room for dancing around childish emotions.

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