Tara WIP- Joint Placement

Starting on my joint placement for Tara so that I can start rigging her. I still haven’t finalized the complete model, her hair isn’t modeled yet and ill probably have spend a few more hours tweeking her.

May I warn you her head looks very almost robotic at the moment so it might scare some viewers..it even scares me a bit

Here are some screen shots of what i’m currently working on.

Here’s a view of her back. I have back dimples myself so to me it looks more natural. Just like if I had a ‘outty’ belly button i’m sure it would model it facing out.

Here’s her hand in 1 mode. I tweeked it a bit from my last post but not too, too much. I’ll defiantly have to redo it

Her shoes in 1 mode

So here’s here head. I tried to keep it as low poly as possible and if needed ill add more to it later on


Here she is all together in 3 mode

And finally i’m starting to add her joints in

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Tara WIP

Here’s where i’m at with my model of Tara. I should be done the model by now and have started rigging and texturing..but i’ll catch up. I’m still working on the head and she looks a bit spooky without parts in her face so i’ll leave those posts for later.

Rest assured she will be wearing a shirt. This is her in wireframe mode. She’s also in smooth mode which I don’t particularly work in, it just looks nice and fancy. I did a quick poly mirror so this is not the final cut mind you.

Wireframe off

I’m not particularly happy with her hand right now, having said that

I feel it’s important to show piece my work even if it’s not to my best interest or liking.

Shorts are bleh and needs shape, as does her bottom.

And finally, this is her in 1 mode. The real  her.

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Completed Stitch Sculpture

A beautiful time to be awake! I just finalized my sculpture and am loving the sense of accomplishment. I’m not too big on how the ears turned out but other than that I love him, because hes mine.

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Midnight Sculpting

I used to think that I do better art late at night. I’ve come to realize that yes, it’s more peaceful but the anticipation of going to sleep on time for the next morning agonizes me and my creative process. Either way I love the night as much as I love the sunny mornings so there’s no room for complaining!

Here’s what I got done from today of my stitch sculpture. To see the build up to this point click here for the link. These are photos I took earlier of the wire frames for his ears.

Here’s what the ears look like as of now. The second one is coming soon.. The sad part is I ran out of clay and that’s all I have left to do!

This is how he’ll somewhat look once completed. He’s also been smoothed out in the next few photos

For those wondering the sculpture is 6”x6”
If you haven’t seen the build up click here for the link.

Thanks to those who have been sticking around since the very start! I’ll post more once i’m completed so stay tuned

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Stitch Sculpture (WIP)

A quick update on what I got completed last night for the sculpture. I finished his eyes but then realized they were too small so I had to dig them out and redo it… But! I completed his teeth so that’s out of the picture now, phew.



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My,what sharp teeth you have! (WIP)

I haven’t been working on my Stitch sculpture as much as I should have but here’s how it’s coming out right now. I’ve complete in his top teeth and still need to add in and smooth the bottom. He’s also missing his ears and eye lids but those will all come in due time!


More to come to come. Stay tuned!

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Sculpt till you drop (WIP)

Just a quick update on my stitch sculpture. Was working on him last night and I feel I got quite a lot done. Aside from that that, I fixed his proportions and size so that it should match right up. His eyes are in the freezer right now, all nice and cold and ready to apply!

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