Robo Hands – WIP

I know its been forever since I updated on my VFX project but that’s because I’ve been working it like a madwoman! Not really, but its been fun. I’ve probably rendered out 10 plus passes because of my keyboards overlapping one another etc etc. I thought i’d just post a screen shot of what the footage currently looks like and what my comp on Nuke looks like. There’s all my different passes and all that fun stuff in the little thumb nail, i’ll post a higher resolution later on and the final video hopefully soon and a break down much later on. Tomorrows the day! Time for some computer mashing

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VFX-Robo hands


Robots are awesome! So, my idea has changed or rather, developed, since my last VFX proposal. Ideally i’d like to model and rig a 3D a robot hand to replace mine and animate it over a clean shot or track my hand to match up the movement, both require lots of time..

Anyway, here’s some basic concept sketches I did for the fingers:

Since every finger will be the same I only need to But overall, I think this is going to be lots of fun! 


This is the first shot which will show a person playing piano. Camera will pan right and cut right before you see the hand.

Cut to a ECU(extreme close up) of the robot hand playing


I’ve done a few test shots so ill post those up as soon as I finish putting them together but for now here’s a screen shot of my hands from one of the test videos we took.

So, this is definitely going to be a challenge and i’ll for sure be updating more on this later on so stay tuned if you wanna find out where it goes!

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Grave keeper

This one’s a tad random, but then again so are most of my subway sketches. I think I was yet again under the influence of playing too much Diablo 3 at the time. I was also trying to mix a bit of alien mumbo jumbo into this if you couldn’t already tell.

Anyway, this one’s a messy drawing and was done on a bumpy bus.. But, I kind of like being able to see the different stroke sizes and unfinished scribbled work. Is that just me?


So apprently my dog knows how to drive! How cute. This photo was taken by my big brother, Joey, whose actually starting a catering company soon, so ill defiantly link you guys to his website once he gets that up there! His foods’ pretty yummers.

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Travel bug

I don’t usually get a lot of opportunities to draw in a 3 quarter view since most people would notice me drawing them right away. But anyway, this is different because he was clearly sleeping.

I think I drew this 2 months back since hes wearing a winter jacket and a toque. This was a quick drawing, but a expressive one. That was one cold winter…

Now then, here’s a random photo of my dog about to have his clean shower!
He’s loving it.

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I was in Mont the other day, sort of. Was running errands so didn’t really ‘see’ Montreal for real, mont..real. Haha! Not funny. Anyway, I was only there for a short while and i’ll def be going back soon. We drove there from Toronto so I mostly saw highways and very angry drivers..I also didn’t have a lot of choices to draw of since most of it drove by too quickly.

Here’s a signal light, oo ahhh

A stop sign

I was so bored in the car that I whipped out my sketch book and doodled this highway as we passed by it

Here’s one place we did stop at to pick something up. It’s called the orange julep, their orange juice wasn’t all that amazing..and tasted kind of like watered down ice cream but it was fun none the less. I didn’t have much heart into this drawing but it was a neat place!

Here’s a quick photo i snapped

So that’s it for now, ill update a few subway sketches in a few so stay tuned!

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Tara Complete

Hey guys! So I finished up my model and rig and she’s not looking too shabby. I haven’t added any real textures yet but have my uv maps ready to go.

This is my final mesh:

A quick model of her inner teeth

Her faux chucks

These are my rig controller, her body has the basic norman rigs but I’ve only rigged her arms in ik so far.

And here are some quick poses I did to test out the rig. Her weight painting was also done on most of her body but I still have some minor tweeking to do.

So over all it was extremely fun seeing my character come to life. The rigging part wasn’t that bad either, I didn’t run into any extreme troubles but in some cases it can go the complete opposite direction.

I think the only challenging part of all this was remembering to step out of the computer ever now and then because you do tend to lose yourself at times.

Another thing, I’ll most likely be making a video on myself going through my rig for demo reel purposes so i’ll def be posting that much later on, so look out for it!

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