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CaptureI definitely haven’t made a lot of time for my sketches. Which means not a lot of posts for me to make. This one was done randomly on the subway inspired by an old man I saw. I love the images that your mind can create without even realizing it.

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VFX Reel

Remember that Robot Hand I did way back when? These past few days I got myself to make a breakdown video for that and put together work from other projects i’ve worked on. Feedback is welcome, i’m open to changing up any small details.

Copyright © 2013 by Joanne Seto

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Two, please



Didn’t end up drawing anyone on the subway that day, but as I sat there staring into space an image came to my head and I thought to myself it wouldn’t hurt to pull out the good ol pen. It started out as a circle and a few boxes, but in the end I surprised myself at how precise the image in my head came alive to my paper. I guess the morning dread inspired me to give it more thought and feeling into it.

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Fly Bird – WIP

I did it again. I haven’t updated my animation in a while because I had the whole ‘ill upload it when I have this and that part done,’ mentality. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was drowned in it.

Friday was our final and last critique for our final projects, and everyone did really awesome! My animation is more or less done, well… it’s far ahead from the video I last posted. For now, I’m currently fixing what I can of my animation before I put together my reel! Here’s just a screen shot, a ‘behind the scenes’ if you will. I’m super excited to see how it’ll look when it’s rendered. Will be posting demo reel on Monday, so don’t drift too far, wish me luck!

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Robo hands – Complete (Mechanical Melody)

This is it! My final vfx that i’ve been working up to. Thank you to those who have been following me from the start, I certainly have come a long way from pen on paper. So I don’t have too much to say right now, but that i’m quite happy with the turn out.

Watch in full screen and HD for maximum entertainment

I’ll be creating a breakdown video (which are so much more fun to watch) showing the cg elements and the models much later on

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Into the forest

This was a quick assignment we had to do for our lighting and rendering class. Many movies and games will do this with their scenes or objects to save time and all that fun stuff.

Basically, as opposed to creating a full 3D set, you take a photograph (or multiple ones) then create the 3d objects in the scene you choose to project onto and line them up accordingly to the photo and ‘project’ it onto it using certain shaders. From this you can move though the scene and create parallax within the image. Pretty awesome eh?

The only down fall is your limited to what you produce, in other words, if your resolution is too small it’ll become obvious it’s a photo if you get too close.

But, other than that, this was pretty darn neat.

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

This is the blog we created for our short film project in the making. So far we have most of the textures done and all of the models completed. The rig for our little boy is competed and animation will start soon! Take a look around if you’re interesting in finding out more

La Petite Danseuse

Here’s a quick post on our recent textures we added, the models are completed but we’ll add some minor tweaking if necessary.

Couch model and texture by: Joanne

Chandelier model by: Hasanain 

Door model by: Hasanain 

Chair model and texture by: Joanne

Stool model and texture by: Joanne

Music box model and texture by: Tanya

Fireplace model by: Tanya

Gift box model and texture by: Tanya Kular

Grandfather clock model texture by: Joanne

Desk Model by: Tanya

Desk texture by: Sady

Curtain model by: Joanne (Texture yet to be finalized)

Joanne Seto

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