BMW Z4M – 3D wip model


I haven’t posted a lot of my 3D work in a very long while so it’s nice to be updating with something new for a change.

I started this a few months ago but never got around to working on it till now. This is about less than a week of a few hours a day or less of work.

I’ve also been screen capturing some work flow videos too but I didn’t think about capturing until most of the base was done. In other words, I don’t have too much on the videos. But I will record whatever is remaining for the model..which is quite a lot.

Still have some cleaning up to do, triangles, edge flow, mesh, etc.

Will be updating more on this model mid May, if not sooner since i’ll be on vacation for a few weeks. Sweet, sweet sunny California here I come!

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Robo hands – WIP

This is the first render for my project of where it is now. There’s no animation in the render since I just started the animation today and this is a fairly oldish video but it was mostly a test render for lighting.

I’ll try adding more if I have time to upload them but for now check out the tracking for the piano keys I did. I’ll be rendering it out with a depth pass later on so like I said before this is still fairly rough.

Happy with my tracking though, was defiantly a long repetitive effort.


Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Robo hands – WIP

Awesome night! A lot more comfortable about where i’m at now then where I was…last night.

So here’s a quick render shot of what it looks like as of now, keep in mind there’s a moving camera and part of the keyboard is also CG. It’s still fairly rough right now as I still have to light it properly and actually start the animation.

I’ll post the fist render I do once I put it together next week so make sure you stay tuned for that

Copyright © 2012 by Joanne Seto

Robo hands – WIP

Two major projects going on so this hasn’t exactly been given 100% attention but other than that it’s coming along nicely. In my last post I only had a finger and now, I have both hands textured and rigged, horray. I’ll do a video demonstration of me going through it soon but for now i’ll post some render shots. Next step is finishing the animation texturing lighting..render..endless hours in comp. Haha, wish me luck.

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Robo hands – WIP

Here’s a update on my robot hands, many thanks for all the positive feedback on it so far, it means a lot to me!

Here’s a more completed but not finalized version of the finger

Adding in joints and all that fun stuff

Here’s a video I recently posted on how the rig functions, watch in full screen and higher quality for maximum entertainment!

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Robo hands – WIP

It doesn’t look like much now, but here’s the starting of my hand model. I haven’t been working on it too too much but I just wanted to share where I’m at with the modeling


This end section of the knuckle is just at blocking stage right now

As you can see in the image below that’s where the placement will be

Below is a shot of a recent footage I did to see how well I could track my hands, it didn’t turn out too well so I might just be modeling the piano instead and animating it

All in all I still have a long way to go. The pressure and rush hasent sunk in yet, but i’m sure it’ll come soon!

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Tara Complete

Hey guys! So I finished up my model and rig and she’s not looking too shabby. I haven’t added any real textures yet but have my uv maps ready to go.

This is my final mesh:

A quick model of her inner teeth

Her faux chucks

These are my rig controller, her body has the basic norman rigs but I’ve only rigged her arms in ik so far.

And here are some quick poses I did to test out the rig. Her weight painting was also done on most of her body but I still have some minor tweeking to do.

So over all it was extremely fun seeing my character come to life. The rigging part wasn’t that bad either, I didn’t run into any extreme troubles but in some cases it can go the complete opposite direction.

I think the only challenging part of all this was remembering to step out of the computer ever now and then because you do tend to lose yourself at times.

Another thing, I’ll most likely be making a video on myself going through my rig for demo reel purposes so i’ll def be posting that much later on, so look out for it!

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