High skies

Joanne Seto Eye

I tried to stay away from fine details as I was riding the waves on this bus ride home. A young kid appeared in my vision and stared at my drawing. I find that whenever kids watch me draw; they don’t try to hide it. Instead they’ll hover over me with large beady eyes. As the kid approached my view, I started to draw a eyeball creature in hopes he liked it.

I’ve always found eyeball characters very innocent and harmless. There’s just something about the character it rubs off on me. It may as well be one of those things someone else might find disgusting and creepy, but at the end of the day we should give everyone a chance, creepy or not. I had a kick reminder today that we should not write other people’s future in our minds and assume things about them. We don’t know what this individual is going through or what their potential is unless we test it.

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Interesting subway ride home today! I was finishing up a drawing and the person I was sitting beside asked ‘hey, could you draw me?’ and of course I said sure, why not right? So him and his friends were super nice and very down to earth people, who also knew about the programs we use which was awesome.

So Nishad, the man in the photo, wanted me to make him look handsome, so I tried but messed up around the eye area and other details but I think he was happy and sometimes that’s all that matters.

I’m not much of a caricature artist and at times half way into drawing someone realistically ill start to draw them with cartoon features, which is what a caricature is but I think I need a lot more practice on that…maybe next time i’ll commit to one style before changing.

My respect for caricature artist have grown. While I was drawing Nishad, him and his friend was also watching me draw and who knows who else might have been watching. Although Nishad and his friends were telling me ‘don’t worry, don’t worry, I like it’ I was still nervous and I guess it shows in my drawing.

Next time you see a caricature artist you’ll notice how relaxed and at ease they are with their drawings no matter how many people are watching, those are professionals that I really, truly respect.

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This is what playing too much Diablo 3 does to you. In a good ways too I guess. Usually I don’t transform people I draw wearing armor with gashing rotting skin..but I think she looks like shes ready for some serious battle. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still the same person mind body and soul. I couldn’t change that even if I wanted to

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Fountain of fruit

Flowers are starting to grow and trees are sprouting with life. After the long snowy breeze that we all so deeply fear, this time of the year is what makes me feel most comfortable. Whenever it’s gone I feel as if i’m missing a piece of my mind.

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Own world

I always thought the face we make when we sleep is the most peaceful. Dreaming away in another universe, visiting lost friends, loved ones and having an adventure of your own all in your one mind.  It’s when we’re truly relaxed and ourselves.

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Off the track

I went to The Avengers midnight screening two days ago, which was by the way, amazing to say the least. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly encourage you to see it in theaters, it just makes the jokes so much more funnier. That and because it’s awesome.

So, I guess I wasn’t prepared for such an uprise of people dressed in costumes. Some of them were amazingly done and you could tell they put a lot of effort in them. Where as I saw men wearing over grown capes that look like table clothes and lets not forget all those males dressed as black widow…yeah.

There was this guy standing in the front facing his friend to talk to her. I had an hour to kill and he was in my line of vision so why not. Plus, his shirt was prettttty awesome…if you know what i mean.

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