Fly Bird and Animation Reel

Have yet to render out my Fly Bird animation as i’m having problems with some stretching, it’s strange…but i’ll get it done! I’ll be adding more to this demo as i’m starting up a new lip sync animation and still want to continue with pushing FlyBird. Here’s what I have as of now,

or follow the link and you’ll be redirected to vimeo, enjoy!


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Fly Bird – WIP

Been a long week, i’m sure we can all agree to that. Here is a part of my recent animation that I wanted to share. I’ve also been doing work in other parts but I didn’t want to show some parts done some parts half done, you know? If you have any suggestions on what I can add to spruce it up to a bit don’t hesitate to let me know!

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Fly Bird – WIP

Alright, now we’re getting somewhere. Finally added the ending and the bird in the scene with some other mumbo jumbo. My blocking is pretty much done so i’ll probably start adding the breakdowns this week and then take some shots into spline, maybe take it all in at once..4 weeks left to make this look beautiful. I’m getting a lot more comfortable with uploading a video every week. Almost as if it’s become second nature, do one thing so much you’ll end up finishing the task without thought.

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Fly Bird – WIP

Had a working spree today and got some of my animation sorted out which was nice. Took things back into stepped so it might look a bit different from what you saw in the preview video.

I was this close to not uploading this video on youtube mainly because I ‘wanted to finish the ending’ but who knows how long that will take me. So I reminded to myself about what I wrote in my last animation post, about forcing myself to upload my process videos even if they’re ‘unfinished’. I mean, that is the whole point of a work in process post, right?

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FlyBird – WIP

My story pitch went well and my teachers were interested in my idea, yay! So what I did was began blocking in some animation, is a bit messy but I did a quick job just to see how it would look overall but tomorrow ill clean up the poses and finalize some shots.

So, from here on out ill be posting more animation stuff which is great! Hopefully i’ll upload a new video of my process work every Monday night or so till the final stages.

I believe it’s important to show my process for animation.. but sometimes it’ll be challenging because there’s always something I want to fix before I upload it. I think, It’s more so that tiny perfectionist side of me coming out to a point where I just don’t end up uploading anything until it’s done.

So cheers to a new project, my final project in fact! 7 more weeks then I begin to look for my internship. And for anybody who was wondering about my robot hand vfx crique, it went really well!

It’s was such a nice relaxing feeling to finish my project and hear I did well. It’s almost as if you were to sprint a marathon, or even prepare for one, and come out on the other end with both your legs still there. That’s the feeling. Right there.

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Animation pitch

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Week1-Finalize decision/Film reference over weekend

Week2-Block in/build environment set

Week3-Finalize timing and Block in facial animation

Week4-Begin spline/add over lap/clean

week5-LightRender/ Begin dragon animation

week6- Dragon animation [5seconds]: Film/research reference/ block in

week7- Dragon animation: Bring into spline add overlap etc

week8- Finalize/light and render out


-5-8 second Lip Sync

-Horse run cycle

-Sleepy close up dog


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Robo hands – WIP

Here’s a update on my robot hands, many thanks for all the positive feedback on it so far, it means a lot to me!

Here’s a more completed but not finalized version of the finger

Adding in joints and all that fun stuff

Here’s a video I recently posted on how the rig functions, watch in full screen and higher quality for maximum entertainment!

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