Artist Statement

The instant my hand touches the paintbrush

my adventure begins.

Art to me is like a story that plays on in my mind.

It allows me to explore my inner-self giving me the sense of accomplishment and purpose.

I love the feel of art and the stages that I fall into when I create something out of nothing – love, regret, pain, relief and beauty.

Freedom is only given to those who allow themselves to be free.

Art allows me to become that person, who I want to be. The buzzing tells me what to do, to continue and to manipulate.

I am the voice of my own mind.

I swat away the flies that continue to whisper in my ear.

As my days go by, my art grows and seeps into my skin giving me the sensation that is like a drug to me wanting more and more.

I am creative and creating.

I am self taught and self sufficient.

I am who I want to be and who I will be.

I am mortifying, intense and create colours on my night sky.

I am the artist that wants to be one.

The beauty of art and the thing I love most is that,

 There is no right or wrong.


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